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29/11/2019 10:03 上午

Promotion Series: ImpactHK

Promotion Series: ImpactHK

ImpactHK became a registered NGO in Mar 2017, believing in the importance of kindness in addressing the pressing problem of the homeless in Hong Kong. ImpactHK’s goal is to provide the homeless with a connection to friends, society and a safe and comfortable home.

The success of ImpactHK website design is a big milestone for us to move forward and help a lot of different charitable organisations and building up a website with full web functions, activities calendar, online activities application, online donation, organisation introductory, customized content management system, etc. Everything needed for the growth of an expanding charity.

Further than the web function we have created for the charity,

We are going to talk about the power of simplifying. One of the most important tasks in this brief is to simplify the existing website (to be exact, is decluttering the duplicated content). When we first start a project, we will do a site map and doing this, is a good time to clarify what content the client wants and needs to place on the website. The most common mistake of most people, they have too many thoughts and would like to put all of them out there ( and sometimes, they duplicated unintentionally). We are not only to keep our client’s website functionally working but to keep the content precise and deliverable.