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12/11/2018 9:00 上午

Promotion Series: Augustine Growth & Development Centre

Promotion Series: Augustine Growth & Development Centre

Hello all, this is our series of client promotion, we will start with a short and neat client background and followed by our project journey, hope you don’t think the last minute was a waste(Just kidding!)

Augustine Growth & Development Centre was found in 2013 started with specialists of speech therapy, occupational services to students with special educational needs. The founder believes that growth is most important for a child and everyone deserves the right to reach their potential.

In this project, since the client has quite a lot of content to upload on the site, we did spend some time on categorization and filtering in order to make the best SEO as we can (Project preparation is IMPORTANT). Most people will overlook the text length/ wordings/ images but we will edit a bit and try to make the website searchable. Also, the client had an old website and request the redesigned website gives a professional impression other than childish. So we try to follow the existing colour theme and avoid a soft and immature touch.

Dominic Leung
production coordinator
“Charity by Design”