Hello all, this is our series of client promotion, we will start with a short and neat client background and followed by our project journey, hope you don’t think the last minute was a waste(Just kidding!)

Kiangsu Chekiang And Shanghai Residents (H.K.) Association was founded in 1946 with the primary aim to aid Shanghai communities. Nowadays, the association had established four schools, two elderly hostels, a medical centre, and a scholarship to provide the non-mean loan to students in need.

This is another charity website project we had finished recently. Interestingly, we need to create two websites at the same time for two elderly hostels and if you visit our websites you will find them similar and yes! Our goal is to make two websites look similar (both is under Kiangsu Chekiang And Shanghai Residents (H.K.) Association) but wanna differentiate them as they located in two separate places. Can you spot the difference btw?


Tikka Li
Web & Graphic Designer
“Charity by Design”