About dZine

dZine Limited was founded in 2017 with our primary objective being to provide a helping hand to charities. Specifically, we are a “charity for charities” providing assistance for those that assist others. dZine assists charities by providing web design, printing design, marketing, hosting and SEO services to help promote these charities to the outside world. We highlight the charities’ mission and their focus, plus we create a web site that allows members of the public to donate directly to the charity itself. We perform all of these services at absolutely no cost to the charity.

As a totally free service, we want to help the charities that need it most; specifically our focus is registered charities that have no other funding and survive solely on donations and volunteers to achieve their goals. These charities need outside help and dZine is available to assist them at no cost. We want to help them promote their efforts without having to use their donated funds towards administration costs ensuring more of their overall donations are passed to the intended targets.

dZine has assembled a very talented group of professionals who handle all of the graphics and web requirements for each client with the same skill and dedication of a commercial web organisation. If you are not a charity but are impressed by the work dZine does, we are also happy to quote you for a commercial web job which will assist us to help even more charities with their web design and marketing.

If we can assist you, or you know of someone who needs our help, please let us know through our contact page.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Mark Kefford